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The MAIA project connects communities, platforms, knowledge, and research on climate change.

Maia in brief

When an EC-funded R&I project comes to an end, often the visibility of its findings diminishes meaningfully, resulting in inefficiency and redundancy.  Also, the lack of synergies between different projects leads to lost opportunities to reduce the global climate vulnerability.

The European Commission seeks to address this situation through the MAIA project, which will provide and implement a set of effective measures that facilitate a wider dissemination, communications, and interconnection of completed and on-going EU climate change research projects.

HORIZON-CL5-2021-D1-01-03 Subtopic A.
Type of action
CSA — Coordination and Support Action
4.049.234 €
36 months. Sep. 2022 – Aug. 2025
15 partners


MAIA as an impact multiplier

The MAIA project aims to act as an impact multiplier of climate research projects funded under the Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 programmes. The aim of the project is to make the current disperse knowledge more interoperable, accessible, usable, and rendering the outcomes more economically sustainable.

  1. Interoperable
  2. Accessible
  3. Usable
  4. Render economically sustainable outcomes

Expected results

MAIA has established a set of expected results to aim towards the interconnection of the current and existing EU-funded climate change research projects. The foreseen outputs of MAIA are linked to the following concepts: coordination, creation, and activation.

  • CoordinationOf technological structures to connect knowledge and promote climate action. Such structures include: MAIA Portal, Connectivity Hub, MAIA Semantic Ontology, Marketplace and branches, and the Training Platform.
  • CreationSuccessful coordination of the Climate Resilience Projects Cluster.
  • ActivationActivation of a pan-European community of climate-driven problem solvers and enablers.

Key benefits

  • Helps connect disperse knowledge related to climate changeHelps connect disperse knowledge related to climate change Generating synergies among existing and on-going EU-funded climate change research projects.
  • Makes knowledge interoperable and usableDelivering close-to-market outputs and diffuse innovation in products, services, and processes, and reinforcing the deployment of innovative solutions.
  • Facilitates the access of a broad range of audiences to research results.Assuring that climate change knowledge is available and accessible to a wide range of stakeholders.

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