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Climate change adaptation & mitigation current issues

In combination, the following detected problems result in inefficiency and missed opportunities to reduce the vulnerability of Europe’s regions to climate change. Thus, it fosters the need to revert and improve the current situation, creating a new opportunity for MAIA’s success.

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Issues we are facing

Limited reach

Climate research projects remain largely fragmented, resulting in limited reach, diffusion and exploitation.

Less visibility

The visibility of a project outputs often diminishes meaningfully once a project comes to its end.

Reduced impact

Lack of realistic business cases has limited the true impact and cost-efficiency of previous programmes.

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What’s needed

Climate change adaptation and mitigation are complex problems which require a systemic approach in coordination with changes in beliefs and behaviors of citizens and organizations.

  1. Engagement from individuals and stakeholders in participatory processes so they can access, internalize and act upon the right information.
  2. Provide social and technological structures as well as an active outreach campaign to accompany, potentiate and help maximise the impact of climate research.
Maia project targets: policy makers, Innovation ecosystem, scientific community, civil society

Selected targets

Enhanced coordination is required to generate and activate synergies among various EU-funded climate change research and innovation activities. This will promote complementarity, cross-fertilization of ideas, and coherence in research outcomes, ultimately leading to a more efficient utilization of resources.

It is imperative that citizens, particularly the youth, gain awareness of the outcomes and insights generated by EU-funded research and innovation projects. These results should inform their decision-making, actions, and behaviors.

The following groups encompass both the supply and demand aspects of climate services, as well as the supply and demand for adaptation and mitigation solutions.

  1. Policy and decision makers: At European, national, regional and local level.
  2. Innovation ecosystem: Enterprises and practitioners, urban and spatial planners, technicians and project managers, innovators, experts in climate planning, funders and investors.
  3. Scientific community: Both at national and international level.
  4. Civil society: Including youth, high-impact professionals, forward-thinking strategists and general audience.
Maia project multiplies EU projects' results

We support climate adaptation and mitigation projects to amplify their impact.

MAIA brings together tools, methodology and experts to help climate research projects funded under the Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 programmes maximize your project dissemination.