Objectives & results MAIA

Specific Objectives, results & findings

The main objective of MAIA is to amplify the impact of European climate research by supporting a group of projects by creating synergies, facilitating their upscaling and maximizing their joint impact through enhanced connection of knowledge and networks as well as through networking for improved coordination of activities for dissemination, exploitation, and cross-fertilisation of research results.

MAIA in a nutshell

The MAIA project aims to act as an impact multiplier of climate research projects funded under the Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 programmes. The goal of the project is to make the current disperse knowledge more interoperable, accessible, usable, and rendering the outcomes more economically sustainable.

Maia’s expected results

MAIA has established a set of expected results to aim towards the interconnection of the current and existing EU-funded climate change research projects. The foreseen outputs of MAIA are linked to the following concepts: coordination, creation and activation.

  1. Coordination of technological structures to connect knowledge and promote climate action. Such structures include: MAIA Portal, Connectivity Hub, MAIA Semantic Ontology, Marketplace and branches, and the Training Platform.
  2. Creation of successful coordination of the Climate Resilience Projects Cluster.
  3. Activation of a pan-European community of climate-driven problem solvers and enablers.

Key benefits


Helps connect disperse knowledge related to climate change

Generating synergies among existing and on-going EU-funded climate change research projects.


Makes knowledge interoperable and usable

Delivering close-to-market outputs and diffuse innovation in products, services, and processes, and reinforcing the deployment of innovative solutions.


Facilitates the access of a broad range of audiences to research results

Assuring that climate change knowledge is available and accessible to a wide range of stakeholders.

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How will it work

MAIA’s overarching goal will come to life through nine interrelated Specific Objectives (SO), each pursued through various actions structured within distinct work packages.

SO 1

Bridging Climate Networks

Our goal is to connect climate actors by collaborating with existing Climate Change research and innovation networks. We actively engage with pan-European, regional, and city networks and partnerships to establish links, foster dialogue, and enhance the flow of information and knowledge.

SO 2

Enhancing Climate Knowledge Access

We’re dedicated to making climate resilience knowledge more accessible and usable. This involves creating a European Climate Adaptation and Mitigation taxonomy, linking existing knowledge platforms into the MAIA Climate Knowledge Platforms Network, and developing an advanced EU Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Portal. MAIA promotes cross-platform knowledge exchange, tagging, evaluation, and collaboration.

SO 3

Synergizing Climate Research

Our focus is on facilitating cooperation among climate research projects. We aim to establish a synergy group, the ‘EU Climate Change Research Cluster,’ to coordinate and facilitate collaboration in various thematic working groups under MAIA’s guidance. This enhances the connection and impact of ongoing climate research.

SO 4

Sustaining Climate Solutions

We work on developing business and exploitation-support services, including funding access, to sustain decision support tools and climate resilience platforms. This includes creating a viable business model for the MAIA ConnectivityHub, EU Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Portal, and participating knowledge platforms.

SO 5

Scaling Climate Solutions

Our mission involves upscaling solutions and tools from individual projects. We establish a consolidated network of problem owners, solution providers, and enablers. Additionally, we lay the groundwork for solution transferability and replicability across different contexts and scales.

SO 6

Amplifying Climate Communication

MAIA designs innovative activities and a comprehensive marketing campaign to broaden the reach of climate change research results. We tailor our approach to different audiences, including businesses, regions, cities, civil society, and climate change researchers, focusing on their unique needs, following the quadriple helix strategy.

SO 7

Fostering Climate Dialogues

We organize dialogues, such as Learning and Action Alliances, Policy Roundtables, and Policy-Science Dialogues, to raise awareness of the best climate science. These events facilitate mutual learning, cross-fertilization, and the identification of research needs and mechanisms to strengthen science-policy and science-civil society interfaces.

SO 8

Matching Research and Solutions

Design an advanced web application that will leverages state-of-the-art knowledge connectivity. This user-friendly tool will efficiently bridging research gaps with stakeholders’ needs, connecting existing research themes with innovative solutions.

SO 9

Leveraging SSH for Behavioral Transformation

We employ Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), including behavioral psychology and economics, to identify key variables driving behavioral transformation in various contexts. Our goal is to contribute to the European Climate Pact’s objectives and use Strategic Communication to disseminate climate change research results effectively to our target audiences.

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