LOCALISED Project: Empowering local decarbonization and adaptation

The LOCALISED project, funded by Horizon Europe, revolutionizes local climate action. It equips regions with innovative tools like the Decarbonisation Profiler, fostering informed decision-making. Notably, it's part of MAIA Multiply, offering broader exposure for climate initiatives.

Revolutionizing Climate Action at the Local Level

In the pursuit of a sustainable future, the LOCALISED project emerges as a transformative force. Funded by the Horizon Europe programme, this innovative initiative, steered by 12 prominent European organizations led by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), aims to revolutionize local decarbonization and adaptation strategies across Europe.

Recognizing the critical gap between national decarbonization plans and local needs, LOCALISED is pioneering a groundbreaking approach. Its mission is to equip regional governments, communities, and businesses with tailor-made data on energy and climate impacts, fostering informed decision-making in tackling climate change.

Main outcomes of LOCALISED project

At the heart of LOCALISED’s arsenal are cutting-edge tools set to reshape local decarbonization and adaptation planning. The Decarbonisation Profiler, a sophisticated web-based decision support tool slated for release in 2025 (with a preview in spring 2024), promises a wealth of functionalities. From providing crucial climate information and customized measures to facilitating co-creation of decarbonization plans with citizens, this tool is a catalyst for inclusive and actionable strategies.

Complementing the Profiler is the Net-Zero Business Consultant, designed to guide local businesses toward effective mitigation and adaptation pathways while highlighting the role of emerging technologies.

Accessible to all in the EU, these tools, available in 24 languages, underscore LOCALISED’s commitment to inclusivity. The project’s validation in key areas like Vienna, Barcelona, and the Metropolitan Area GdanskGdynia-Sopot demonstrates its adaptability and robustness.

Collaborate with LOCALISED

Crucial to LOCALISED’s success is a collaborative co-design process that has just started. Urban decarbonization practitioners, regional authorities, and governance experts are invited to engage in shaping a sustainable, climate-resilient future.

Embedded within EU Missions on Adaptation to Climate Change and Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030, LOCALISED is poised to lead Europe toward a greener, more resilient future.

If you’re eager to shape your region’s sustainable future, join them on this transformative journey. Contact LOCALISED at nsp@pik-potsdam.de to participate in co-designing the pathways toward a climate-resilient tomorrow.

MAIA Multiply

LOCALISED project is part of the MAIA Multiply program. If you are part of a completed or on-going climate science European-funded project looking for more exposure, visit multiply.maia.eu to discover all that MAIA has to offer.

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