The ESM2025 project hosts the 2nd edition of its Climate Education Summer University: Empowering educators for a sustainable future

The Climate Education Summer University (CESU) returns for its second edition from 8th to 12th July 2024.


Hosted by Horizon 2020 research project ESM2025, in partnership with the Office for Climate Education and Météo-France, these professional development workshops provide training on climate change and climate modelling topics to high school European teachers and teacher trainers. The aim is to enhance their knowledge and teaching capabilities regarding climate modelling and its impacts.

Hosted at the prestigious Météo-France campus in Toulouse, this year’s CESU2024 will welcome 30 dedicated middle and high school teachers and trainers from 14 European Union countries. These participants will engage in a week-long immersive experience filled with professional development workshops focused on climate science.

Key messages

Event highlights include: 

  1. Comprehensive Climate Science
    • Deepen understanding of climate mechanisms and origins.
    • Cover topics such as the greenhouse effect, oceans, land use, and extreme weather.
  2. Multidisciplinary Approach
    • Address various aspects of climate change, including urban heat islands, eco-anxiety, and future narratives.
  3. Active Learning Methods
    • Engage in hands-on workshops with role plays, experiments, and debates.
  4. Collaborative Projects
    • Develop innovative educational projects and foster future collaborations among European educators.
  5. Educational Insights
    • Gain insights into international recommendations for climate change education and incorporate these into curricula.
  6. Laboratory Visits and Discussions
    • Visit laboratories and engage with scientists to understand climate issues and research.

CESU2024 offers educators a unique opportunity to enhance their skills and inspire the next generation to take action against climate change. 

To learn more about the work of ESM2025, visit the webpage:

Thanks to ESM2025 for the information and images that informed this content. 

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