SILVANUS Project launches an educational campaign to combat wildfires

The "Fire Season Educational Campaign" aims to engage the public and provide essential information on wildfire safety.

This June 2024, the Silvanus Project kicked off an important new campaign aimed at wildfire prevention. A key partner of the MAIA project, Silvanus focuses on empowering communities to combat the increasing threat of wildfires. The “Fire Season Educational Campaign” is a central component of Silvanus’s efforts to raise awareness and engage the public. 

Featuring the animated character Silvanus the Trailblazer, the campaign uses social media to spread vital information about wildfire management. Silvanus the Trailblazer educates users on the major causes of wildfires and provides practical tips for preventing them.

The campaign’s resources highlight issues such as debris burning, unattended campfires, discarded cigarettes, arson, lightning, equipment misuse, and the effects of climate change. By addressing these causes, the campaign aims to equip the public with the knowledge needed to reduce the risk of wildfires.

This initiative also promotes the Silvanus citizen engagement app, which provides users with a comprehensive platform to learn about wildfire management, access real-time fire risk information, and report potential hazards. The app includes interactive features such as quizzes and challenges designed to educate and entertain users while promoting wildfire safety.

The SILVANUS Project, coordinated by Università Telematica Pegaso and funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Green Deal program, brings together 49 partners from the European Union, Brazil, Indonesia, and Australia, with a budget of €24 million. The project aims to develop a climate-resilient forest management platform to prevent and suppress wildfires, utilizing environmental, technical, and social sciences expertise to support regional and national authorities responsible for wildfire management.

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