FAQ – How do I search content on weADAPT?

How do I search content on weADAPT?

The search bar in weADAPT allows you to search all the content available across the platform using keywords.

You can also browse content on weADAPT: 

  • by exploring the Themes and Networks, where content is organised according to the main topic it falls under; 
  • by organisation or author by searching for organisations or people and viewing their respective profiles, where their content is displayed; and 
  • and by using weADAPT’s keyword tags, which appear in the right-hand column of each article, case study and theme or network page, as well as on the Trending Tags tab that appears when you browse the site. Clicking on one of these tags returns all of the content tagged with that keyword, enabling you to quickly find a wealth of related content. 

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